Our wines

Family origins where we have learned and set our unique vision about winemaking. Our passion for wines and love for viticulture is appreciated since our first harvest.



Expressive and intense. A superb accompaniment for seafood dishes


Godello & Treixadura

A vibrant and balanced wine with elegant and smooth texture.



A magnificent fine wine produced in a heroic viticulture region


Tempranillo & Garnacha

3 months aging for a modern Rioja blended with Garnacha grape


Tempranillo & Graciano

40 year-old vines for an internationally awarded & elegant wine

Love for Wine Making

Every detail is important for us, from the vineyards to the bottle. Keeping our quality is our top priority. There is an excellent team, from the growners to our oenologist, our designers and definitely all our team involved in this project.
Where all begins

From our vineyards

Mainly granitic soils with a low portion of clay and sandy for our Albariño and Godello; diverse soils for our Mencia where high acidity of the ground due to river dragging. Alluvial and clay-ferrous soils for producing our Tempranillo with some of our vineyards located 500m over sea level.

Expertise, Passion & Love

To our wineries

Care for the vines is a great percentage for producing a great wine, but it is also to vinify accurately  every single variety we grow.

Using the newest technology to control all our deposits (from 3.000L to 25.000 ) and our barriques room with different barriques roast and origin is fundamental.

Overall, experience our wines

And your glass

We love producing wines. Our aim is that you can sip a little bit of our terroir and make from any bottle an amazing experience to your senses.

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We are continuously travelling the world, meeting awesome people and sharing our wines. See what we are up to! Try to reach us, we are friendly and kind, really.