About Us

This is the family and personal project from the García brothers, Carmen and Santiago. Born in A Coruña, Galicia, NW- Spain, however, our story is written from the family legacy which began between what today are the Denominations of Origin of Ribeiro and Monterrei in the Galician province of Ourense,  where our grandfather made wine since the 50s. We never stopped loving wine, we never forgot what we lived in our childhood at every harvest, and what wine meant to our family and to us.

Our professional careers drove us to other ways until more than 10 years ago we decided to resume our family tradition and restart what our elders began.

FROM GALICIA GROUP headquarters and warehouse are in Galicia, where we produce 3 of our wines: our Rias Baixas, Monterrei and Ribeira Sacra.

When we set up our company and from our previous experience, we had two goals which still are set in our business: one, was the dream to bring the magnificent quality of Galician wines (at the time still unknown in many countries) to every possible corner of the world; and the other, producing with sustainability, respect for the environment and the terroir and the innate features of every variety itself.  As far as possible we try not to use the application of phytosanitary products; in some varieties, moreover, we carry out more expensive practices such as manual harvest, manual battonages or defoliation at vineyard, which are more costly but much more effective as well.

This clear export vision comes from the numerous trips we´ve luckily done in our lives and an innate passion we have for winemaking and this business, from the time when we were 5 or 6 and pressed with our feet together with our family at the “lagar” to obtain the must, as it was in traditional harvest years ago.

In the end, we bottle passion and a terroir, we bottle autochthonous Spanish grapes and dreams. We believe in the quality of any of our wines because quality is what steps behind any of our bottles. And that is why all members of our company are involved with our rigorous intern policy, we trust in the value of our team and the union of our company.