Mentireiro Godello

A sublime and exceptional godello wine.

We honor our ancestors with this Galician word as there are a “mentireiro” in every Galician town.

A Vaca cuca Albariño

Story teller

The story-teller. The one that tells tales. Also in every village of Galicia there is a “Mentireiro”. Specially at the time of our grandparents and great-grandparents.

Our legacy

With this beautiful word, very Galician, whose significate is hard to explain, is how we decided to call our Godello, which we produced only 30 kms from our grandparents village. Where everything began.


Autochthonous from Galicia (NW Spain) Godello is the most aromatic potential grape of the Iberian peninsula. It is becoming more popular and demanded accross the world and an awesome aging potential.

Mentireiro wine description

Tasting note

Treixadura blend adds even more balanced, a more powerful floral aromacy and lead the wine to an equilibrated evolution in bottle. The fruits like pear, apple or apricot are expressive but shared with floral and mineral hints. A very good structure, fresh and balanced-acidity and persistent aftertaste.


In a very small valley in the middle of the DO Monterrei, we produce a unique Godello with a 20% of Treixadura with a powerful and intense aromacy. From vines with an average of 25-30 year-old located in sandy soils, inmediatly after the harvest and the destemmed there is a cold maceration for 8-10 hours in order to extract all the aromatic potential from the skins. The wine is aged 4 months on its lees which finishes his rounding and keep its organoleptic features. As a result we are proud to achieve a clean, fruity, intense and floral white wine which is equilibrated, fresh, untuous and with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

Wine specifications




4 months on lees

80% Godello
20% Treixadura

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